Who's Who?                

Meet the team

Mrs Siobhan Halligan

Mrs Siobhan Halligan

Head Teacher
Whole School SENCO

Miss Joanne Ashworth

Miss Joanne Ashworth

Deputy Head Teacher

Mr Ryan Baker

Mr Ryan Baker

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs K Wood

Mrs K Wood

School Business Manager

SEN Co-ordinators – As we are an SEN school Each of our class Teachers operate an SEN support to the children and parents in their class.        

Family Support Staff      
Miss Amy Edmundson      
Miss Zara Lowton      
Miss Joanne Ramsay      
Avengers Staff Chiefs Staff    
Class Teacher Class Teacher    

Mr R Standring

Mr C Creech

Mrs A Baker

Miss S Wright

Mr J Ireland Teaching Assistants    

Miss K Hoy

Mrs N Martin

Miss S Mortimer

Titans Staff All Stars 1 Staff    
Class Teacher Class Teacher    
Mr A Robinson Mrs M Merry    
Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistants    
Miss C McLaughlin Mr F Yates    
Mrs E Slavinski Mrs S Khan    

Mr C Knights

Miss H Winters    
Wizards Staff All Stars 2 Staff    
Class Teacher Higher Level Teaching Assistant    
Mrs K Newham Mrs J Henry-Jones    
Teaching Assistants Teaching Assistants    
Miss W Lang Miss M Searle    
Miss B Parker Miss S Hoey    
Miss N Horsely

Miss K Robertson

Legends Staff Superstars Staff    
Class Teacher

Class Teacher

Mr S Kelleher Miss R Slinger    
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistants    
Mrs T Maudsley Miss N Losardo    
Teaching Assistant Miss L Ball    
Miss A Coyle Mrs R Begum    
Miss L Foster

Miss B Booth

Mr M Palmer Superheroes Staff    
Mrs N Haigh Higher Level Teaching Assistant    

Miss G Tomlinson

Mr D Davidson    
Miss K Mortimer Teaching Assistants    

Incredibles Staff

Mrs M Houghton    
Class Teacher Miss M Heys    
Miss E Aspinall Miss C Astin    
Teaching Assistant

Miss E Taylor


Miss C Sharp

Forest & Interventions    
Miss R Choudhury

Mr N Henderson

Miss R Williams

Miss C Pennington


Miss C Astin

Miss C Weldon

Office Staff Premises Staff    

School Business Manager

Mrs K Wood

Mr D Haigh    
Business Officers Mr N Henderson    
Miss V Ward      
Mrs M Peel      






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