The school contributes to multi-agency working as part of its statutory duty. The school is aware of and will follow the local safeguarding arrangements. Further details can be found at Please Click This Link

The school will be fully engaged, involved and share information with local safeguarding arrangements. Once the school is named as a relevant agency by local safeguarding partners, it will follow its statutory duty to cooperate with the published arrangements in the same way as other relevant agencies.

The school will work with Children & Family Well-Being Team, CSC. the police, health services and other relevant partners and agencies for the benefit of families and children ensuring contribution to multi-agency plans to provide additional support.

Where a need for early help is identified, the school will allow for CSC from the host LA and, where appropriate, a placing LA, for that LA to conduct (or consider whether to conduct) a section 17 or 47 assessment.

Cribden House School also recognises the particular importance of inter-agency working in identifying and preventing CSE and CCE.

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