The School Day is 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday.

(35 Hours in total)

A taxi will collect most children from home and return them to their home address. Requests for children to be picked up from or dropped off elsewhere must be made to LCC transport and not school. Any request may not be possible if the address is off the normal route.  All taxis have passenger assistants who are always willing to relay messages between home and school.

Children must sit quietly in the taxis at all times, wear seat belts and behave as directed by the escorts. A parent or responsible adult is expected to be present when the child is collected from or returned into their care. A taxi escort is not allowed to leave the vehicle if there are other children on board. Activities to use on the journey may be taken into the taxi, if the escort is in agreement. These items are placed in a bag and kept safely in school and returned to the taxi escort for the return journey home.

The school mini-bus is used to transport children on trips and educational visits on a regular basis.


Many children have a long journey to school so breakfast of toast, bagels or cereal and a drink will be provided on arrival.

If your child has any food allergies, dislikes, or is a vegetarian, please inform us in writing.

Milk is provided free to all children, as are snacks of fruit and biscuits, at morning break. Children should not bring snacks or sweets into school.


We have a varied menu in school that changes every term, from jacket potatoes, roast dinners with vegetables and fish rich in omega 3, if your child fancies a sandwich instead there are different fillings available every day on either bread or a wrap. The desserts are freshly made each day and are always accompanied with fruit and there is also a yoghurt selection.

If your child is attending school with a packet lunch they need to be in plastic containers or a lunch bag, anything that has not been eaten will be returned home so that you assess your child's eating. Please do not send glass bottles. As we are a healthy school please try to avoid fizzy drinks and food high in fat, salt and sugar.

Winter Weather

If snow falls overnight and the roads are bad, there is a likelihood that the taxis will not arrive or be late. In these circumstances please contact the taxi firm or tune in to Radio Lancashire who will inform you if the school has to be closed.

Parents and carers will receive a text message from school informing them of school closures due to bad weather, providing the school has an up to date mobile phone contact number.

If snow falls during the school day, and roads become difficult because of heavy snow, the taxis will be asked to collect the children from school earlier than normal, in order that they get home safely and at a reasonable time. Please be prepared for this eventuality.


It is essential that we have a telephone number to contact you in an emergency. We request that if you have a mobile number your phone is switched on. If for any reason a number changes please let the office at school know immediately.


Medication is only allowed to be administered by staff if it is prescribed by a doctor. Instructions must be in writing giving the times and amount of dosage. On no account must the child be responsible for bringing medicines to school. Passenger Assistants are willing to do this.


If your child is absent or is likely to be, please contact the school to notify us of the absence and the taxi service in order that transport arrangements can be altered.

A letter or telephone call explaining a child's absence must be given, so that the child's absence is marked as an authorised absence.

We urge all parents to avoid taking a child out of school during term times. A parent must approach the headteacher for permission to take a child out of school for a holiday (maximum of 10 days a year).

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