Many of our staff have been trained to deliver the following interventions in school - the training provider we use is - please check out their website


Scrummy Crew©™
This therapeutic programme uses the medium of food to enable children to explore and experience
nurture and the feelings connected to this, whilst also providing an opportunity to develop life skills.


SmArty Crew©™
This therapeutic programme utilises a variety of creative and artistic processes with the aim of enabling children to explore and address any difficult issues that may be occurring for them, and to explore and experience nurture and the feelings connected to this.


Rhythm Crew©™
This therapeutic music programme focuses on developing relationships and improving communication through the medium of music


Messy Crew©™
Children who have missed out on early sensory play lack the confidence to explore the world freely and often struggle to self-regulate and contain themselves. This small group intervention takes them on a journey through play activities that awaken their senses and help them to start to self regulate.


Construction Crew*

This programme uses the principals of Lego Therapy to develop communication, social and collaboration skills.


Wild Things

This intervention is aimed at children in EYFS and KS1. It uses outdoor activities to explore the key Schemas of Enclosure, Enveloping, Connection and Boundary.  The children will experience safety, containment and a sense of belonging. They will learn to connect positively with others, develop a sense of appropriate boundaries and from these they will experience the freedom to explore their environment and have their senses awakened.



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